My work

Being a professional Videographer / Camera Operator has allowed me to travel all across the country. A lot of the work I have captured I am unable to show due to copyrights. But with saying that I do have a few samples of my work:

Coach pro promo - Camera operator / director

This was a fun little shoot. We shot this in the country roads of Hampshire. The interview was shot with Sony FS7 and RED Raven. Unfortunately the sound operator insisted on using a shotgun microphone in a busy garage. The tracking shots of the cyclist were actually shot out the back of a car. We had the boot open and I am stuck in the back very cramped with the camera on a tripod. Because we were shooting at such a high frame rate it helped to reduce the ‘shakiness’ in the road considerably.

Orro bikes promo video - director / director of photography

We shot in the Ditchling Beacon, just outside Brighton. Just like in the Coach Pro; all of the tracking shots were of me either dangling out the window, or out of the boot. We had a lot of fun in the studio filming the close ups. We used a Konova k5 slider to help achieve the moves past the Orro logo. Shot on Sony FS7.

Seafront fantasy - Director of photography

This film was a test of my RED Raven’s slow motion capabilities. Shot on some vintage soviet lenses in 4.5k 120fps. This was all handheld. I went down to the beach on a stormy evening to try and capture the waves, but I didn’t realise that it was the perfect conditions for kite-surfers. They were all in the water, and it was really nice to capture them cutting through the waves.

Flexars Commercial - Camera operator / director

This film was a commercial for LaFlex’s Flexars which are a horse riding jodhpur trousers. Shot over the course of two days due to weather restrictions. Filmed on RED Raven with Canon 70-200 f/2.8. It was great filming this piece. I find horses such beautiful creatures. One of the riders actually represented Sweden in dressage. We filmed with her for the day and then the next day she was riding a horse she doesn’t normally ride, and it bucked, she fell off and broke her back, which was such a shame!

Manor House school prom - videographer

This was a quick shoot for the Manor House Girls’ school in Bookham. I was very much in the background; getting shots as needed. I shot this on a Canon C100. I also used a DJI Ronin for the interior shots. Edited by myself in Adobe Premiere / After Effects for the Graphics.

Club Connoisseur - Videographer

Shot in the studio. This was a quick promo for Club Connoisseur’s Gin Subscription Box to show what you get in the box. Filmed on Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro with Samyang Cine lenses. Using 4 soft box lights to achieve the correct lighting. Colour graded and editing in DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic.