The Process


The Filming Process

The filming of a property is simple. We are in and out in roughly 2 hours. We then go and edit the film. We aim to edit the video within 24 hours of the shoot, but this may not be possible. Once we have edited the video we will send the video to the Estate Agent where they will use it to market your property. We will then put the video onto a USB Drive and post it to you for a memory; a keepsake. 

We film every room with different angles. We do not go in any cupboards or draws.

What we ask from you

All we require from you (the homeowner) is:

  • To ensure the property is tidy as it can possibly be; the tidier, the more pleasing it is to the eye, thus increasing inquiries. If you can keep an eye on reflective surfaces such as mirrors for streaks etc. 
  • Cars off the driveway (where applicable). We want to see the property not the cars!
  • All the lights on. We do not want any shadows, we want to show each room in their natural state. 

How we film

We start inside: 

  • We will film each room on the ground floor from multiple angles. We want to show each room in its natural light. 
  • We then work our way up. We film each room on the first floor, then the second and so on. 

We then go outside:

  • We will start to film the garden; showing the rear of the property. We want to show as much wildlife as possible, wether that be a bee on a flower (see below) or just a shrub.
  • After we film the garden, we will say our goodbyes and head out to film the front of the property. Just like the rear of the property, we want to try and capture nature. 
    • The front is undoubtedly the most important aspect of the property. This is where we need to capture the viewer from the get go. We want to incorporate beautiful shots that drag the viewer into the property.  
  • We then leave the property and go back to the office, and start to edit your beautiful home. 

How we edit

We shoot between 100 and 200 different shots. We shoot in 4.6k in a RAW codec. This means we use a lot of data. On average we shoot around 300GB. Once all the video files have copied onto the computer, we can start to edit. 

We edit in a program called DaVinci Resolve, made by Blackmagic Design. We used to use Adobe Premiere, but we switched due to Resolve's enhanced colour grading capabilities as well as the fact that we shoot on Blackmagic cameras, and they integrate perfectly. 

We start by putting all the clips in the sequence. We then add music, and start to trim each clip to the beat of the music. Timing is key. A lot of the time, the music is too short or too long, so we have to edit the music. Luckily most music created nowadays has repeated sequences in it. We simply (not simple at all) trim the music down to fit the edit. 

Once we have the video all edited into sequence and in time with the music, we can go onto colour grading and colour correction. Because we shoot in RAW, it creates a very flat picture profile, with this we can get as much detail out of the image. We grade each clip. Ensuring we acquire as much detail in the colours as possible.


Once we have finished editing, we then upload the video to Vimeo. We then share an embed-able code to the Estate Agent to use on their website and on other sites such as Right Move. We will then post you a USB Drive containing the video of your property. You can keep this as a memoir of the time spent at your property. You get to see your home in the way you laid it out, with your belongings.