Why have a Property Video / Film?


Why Have a Property Video / Film?

What is a Property Video?

In simple terms, a property film or otherwise known as 'A virtual tour', is an extension of photography. Property films show a room in its natural light. In my opinion it avoids time wasters. Nothing is worse than seeing amazing photos of a house on Right Move; you arrange a visit, and the property is completely different to the way the photos show each room. I have seen this countless times.

Why Have a Property Video?

Video creates an immersive experience. It allows you (the viewer) to be bought into the home and see each room in its true natural light.

Social Media

There are 2.23 Billion Facebook users each month. To put that into perspective; the United Kingdom has 66 million residents. With at least 1.4 billion people classed as daily users. Facebook runs a very good targeted advertisement scheme. Using data they can analyse which adverts to give to specific people; for example, you could run an advert for a new local cafe in the heart of Reigate, Surrey. But what's the point giving that advert to people who are: 

A. Not from around Reigate
B. Don't drink coffee

You see, Facebook knows what kind of things you're into by your search history. So with regards to Real Estate, Facebook knows that you're searching for properties through your browsing history. Estate Agents will target these people who are:

A. Local to the property
B. Looking to buy a property through their search history. 

This is where video comes in. 50% of mobile use is for video. The majority of people find a block of text (such as the property description) hard to look at. But with video; you have the first 5 seconds to capture the viewer. This is why here at AVStarFilms, we use upbeat music and start with the beautiful exteriors of the property, to inspire the viewer from the get go. 


A simple way to put it. You just save time. You avoid the time wasters, you avoid the phone calls asking about the layout etc. We've all been there, looking at photos and they seem good, but you just want to know more about the property. You call up and wait till someone knows about the property enough to answer your questions. With the video, you see each room. You see how (for example) the dining room leads into the kitchen. You avoid the people that are tricked into believing that the property is different than that portrayed. It really shortlists potential home buyers.

Stand out

To put it simply you (the Realtor) will stand out. Estate Agencies need to bring themselves into the 21st century. The world has changed drastically in the past 20 years, yet we sell our houses the exact same way since the 90s (aside from online use). We still take photographs that make each and every room seem a lot larger than they actually are. We still market the properties by putting in local newspapers, in the window of the branch. I am not saying that these methods do not work. But they are time consuming. The majority of people do not know what kind of house they are looking for. But with video, they can see if they like the property from the get go. 

A great reason to use video is so you can put the video(s) on an email blast. 9 times out fo 10, if a potential home buyer enquires, you will take information such as, Name, phone number, and most importantly, email. You can do a weekly email to all of the people subscribed to your email list. Increasing your marketing area, thus creating more inquires on listings. 

Video is shareable

You see an amazing house on a Facebook ad? Most people will share it with their friends. The average amount of friends a person has on Facebook is 388. There were 370,000 people moving house in the UK in 2017. That is 1 in 17 people moving house each year. If we take these odds; 22 of your friends on Facebook are also thinking of moving house. A further 22 people are going to see a video of a property that is up for sale. But this is just 1 person. This is how Facebook makes posts go viral very quickly. Because, what if each of those 22 share that post? Each of them will have potentially 22 people looking to buy a house. That is 444 people, this can go on and on.

Great memento

On average people stay in their first family home for 13 years before moving house. That is 13 years of memories, 13 years of raising children. We moved out of our first family home when I was 3. My mum saw that the new owners were selling. She looked through all the photos and she said, "That is not our home." The reason she said this was because, the new owners re-did the bathroom, the kitchen, all the bedrooms and even remodelled the garden. The only memory we have of that house in the way we had laid out with our furniture, is in our minds and in a few family videos. Now with a property film, it is being filmed whilst it is very clean; near show home clean. But, it still has the owners belongs in it, it still has memories that will never fade away. I have been filming properties for years, and most of the time, the home owner is reluctant to sell but they are also excited. When ever I ask why they are reluctant to sell they always say the same thing; "This house has too many memories to let go". But thee question I ask is why do you have to let go? With AVStarFilms, we provide a USB stick with the film on for the home owner at no additional cost, because we believe that selling your home is a hard thing to do, so we try and make the whole process just that much easier. Contact Us to learn more about our services.