Welcome to our Blog!


Welcome to our Blog! 

We plan to write different tips, tricks and various different articles. Unfortunately due to how busy we are as a company, we cannot stick to a schedule. We will post as and when, but you can stay updated when a new post is released, by heading to our Facebook Page.

Let me start this blog by describing who we are. I am sure you have read Who We Are. But my name is George Bellamy. I founded AVStarFilms back in late 2014. I have a history working in the TV industry primarily as a Self Shooting Producer. As most people in this industry. I started to fantasise about making movies as a child. In fact; I made my first ever short film when I was 8, on a small digital video camera that my dad had lying about. It was a story on how a boy turns into a monster, and goes on a killing spree. Unfortunately (fortunately) that edited short film cannot be found. To my regret, I will share a single take of the film. Please remember; I was 8 years old at this point. I am behind the camera:

I have been making movies ever since I could remember. I stared filming everything. I never left the house without my dads camera (much to his dismay). I would film everything and anything. I learned to edit in iMovie. When I realised you can cut video in a sequence, I was mesmorised. Filmmaking was my drug. As I got into my teens, I downloaded the free trial to Adobe's Premiere Pro and After Effects. I had 30 days to edit and experiment as much as possibly could. I would film stupid little videos to no benefit, but enhancing my skill. I discovered that you can use a static shot, and replay yourself in the shot and using a clean slate you can copy yourself multiple times:

Over time I enhanced my skill. I went to College. Got a subsidiary diploma in Media Production and started with my career. I was very fortunate to work on many sets as a runner, then to assistant camera. I then landed the role as Producer Editor at Bike Channel. I was there right to the end (the company closed down). I love what I do. I love creating, and I hope to share my art and my vision with as many people as I can.