Founded by George Bellamy in 2014. George's father, Paul Bellamy, was an amateur photographer; he started to inspire George with cameras from a young age.

At the age of 9, George wrote and directed his first short with a group of friends whilst on holiday. He would be out every weekend with friends, filming them whilst they were mountain biking.  George then started to teach himself how to capture motion in an artistic way. He soon established his commercial career by filming wedding videos for friends and family.

Based out of Bournemouth, Dorset, George has grown his passion into an art. He has written, directed and edited many short films and is skilled in all key areas of film making, particularly music videos, commercials and wedding videos.

George works closely with his partner Francesca (Frankie) who is a photographer; working together to provide high quality material.  Frankie’s special interest is photographing nature and she particularly enjoys macro photography.  George and Frankie have always bonded over photography and thrive on working together to capture their clients’ needs.